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It's Okay Boy (Jhon Nuñez & Manuel Monroy Remix)

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was one of the best of my life working for important producers in the world. I was hired by record labels very famous, so now I leave available my remix of It's okay Boy, Enjoy!

Bylli Crayone Feat Tiffany - it's Okay Boy (Jhon Nuñez & Manuel Monroy Remix)

Bylli Crayone

Bylli Crayone, this "Colorful" individual was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts - a city best known for its Latin and hip-hop culture. Raised by his mother, he was encouraged in the belief that with hard work and dedication he could and would realize his goals in life. Inspired by the work of 80s icons Cyndi Lauper and Boy George, Bylli began his pursuit of a music career in high school, when he and his friend Jose Aponte formed the short-lived but memorable dance group The Sound System, birthing the debut songs Dance Control & Teen Power. Though the duo soon split, Bylli remained focused on music, creating a "Sight and Sound" all his own.

In 1990, he had written a break-up letter for his aunt to give to her at the time boyfriend. The letter inspired Bylli and he realized his passion for song writing was stronger than ever. So in 1991, while in Miami, Florida he took that break-up letter and turned it into his very first single solo demo "Girl, Hang it Up!". Produced by Claudio Berella of Debonaire Productions in Miami, Florida. The song was released on 200 cassette singles. A release Bylli was very proud of as he released and promoted it himself. In support of the single, he performed at various night clubs and roller rinks that year.

In 1992, Bylli was informed of a song writing competition that had to be about the prevention of teen pregnancy. The song he wrote and recorded as a demo was called "You're Still Young". The song features a young Bylli rapping to a dance beat that he co-produced at a Boston recording studio. The song went on to win first place in the song writing competion. As a result, the song and song title became the new slogan for the area hospital and teen outreach program. On the night of the award, Bylli dressed as a long lost brother of 80s music star Howard Jones and like Howard, Bylli played "You're Still Young" live using 2 keyboards and a programmed drum machine. After his performance of this song, Bylli recieved a standing ovation from the public audience. This was Bylli's first major achievement in the world of music.

Throughout the 90s, Bylli Crayone has recorded more than a handful of demos. Many of which are now lost and will never see the light of day. Some of these early recordings included such songs as "I Can't Wait Forever", "Shut Up & Dance" and "You Are The One", all of which he wrote himself. Finally, in 1999 Bylli Crayone released his first full length album entitled Original/Unique. This album consisted of several demo recordings from the 90s along with 3 songs recorded that year. They were "What's The Answer", "Can't Fight The Attraction" and a song called "Cute Boys" which was written & produced by Bylli Crayone but performed by Lil Star. This album was a CD release and limited to 100 copies. It was not released digitally.

From 2001 to 2004, Bylli Crayone teamed up with several producers to work of his first full length studio album. Lawrence Sterling, producer of the songs "Touch Me All Over" and "Drop Those Pants" were among the favorites that Bylli Crayone had worked with. The song "Touch Me All Over" earned Bylli Crayone an award nomination in the UK for "Best New Artist Dance".

Another producer/artist involved with the album was Domenic Marte. Domenic had also made a name for himself within the local music scene as a producer and recording artist. They worked together on a few songs that would be featured on Bylli Crayone's 2005 "Self Titled" album. On this album Domenic Marte was a background singer and producer for the following songs: "Mi Corazon Belongs To You" and "Toyfriend". In addition to those 2 songs, Domenic Marte is also featured on the background and chorus vocals to the controversial single "Boy Next Door". (Not available on the "Self Titled" album). In 2004, Domenic Marte signed with J&N / Sony DISCOS and released an international album entitled Intimamente launching the singles "Ven Tu" and "Find Another Man". See Domenic Marte's Biography on and notice a mention of work and features with Bylli Crayone.

In 2006 Bylli Crayone was still writing new material for a next studio album. Funusual Records decided to release a remix album featuring several of the songs from the "Self Titled" album newly remixed for this special compilation. However, the remix album did include 2 new songs "Dizzy Boi" (2006 Version) and "Boy Next Door" (featuring Domenic Marte). When asked whether after going it alone thus far he would consider signing with a major label, Bylli explained that he would opt to stay independent.

Bylli Crayone's fourth full length studio album "NOT A TYPO" is more on a personal level. One example is re-recording the 1991 classic "Girl, Hang It Up!". The reason for the new version was to introduce it to fans who have never got the chance to hear his early beginnings. The song features the same lyrics and same freestyle elements as the original 1991 version.

Also on this new album is a cover version of the 1986 Cyndi Lauper Classic "Change of Heart". He says this song is a tribute to his idol...Cyndi Lauper.

The album also includes the songs "Run To My Rescue", "Click Those Heels" and "Mixed Signals" just to name a few. The album was released to digital retailers worldwide on March 3rd, 2008, the album was not due to be released in the physical CD format. But due to the demand, a "Physical" CD was released on February 10th, 2009. Almost a year after its original release date.

The first single from the album was the monster hit "Dizzy Boi". It went on to become a club favorite and made the Top Ten Dance Charts both in the US and overseas. The song was featured on a national compilation album that caters to radio and club DJs nationwide. The company being "Promo Only". In Decemeber of 2007, "Dizzy Boi" landed a spot on the Mainstream Promo Only release "Club Remixes". The compilation album featured such names as Rihanna, The Backstreet Boys and Jennifer Lopez.

This new version of "Dizzy Boi" as featured on the "Not a Typo" album was produced and remixed by Canadian super-producer OrangeFUZZZ. His Remixography includes work for Madonna, RuPaul, Amber and Britney Spears. OrangeFUZZZ produced 4 of the 14 tracks on the "Not a Typo" album.

Summer of 2008, - "Dizzy Boi" landed a spot on a global gay dance album called "G2". The compilation album features dance music from artists all over the world (14 countries). The album was released as a double CD and also as a digital release.

March 3rd, 2009 - "Dizzy Boi" once again lands a spot on a dance compilation album, this time it being a "Freestyle" dance album called "Bangin' Beats" Then & Now Volume 4 on MicMac Records. The album features legendary freestyle artists such as Johnny O, Tiana, Cynthia and Clear Touch. Bylli grown up listening to these artists and here he is now years later on the same album with them. The Freestyle remix to "Dizzy Boi" (3Style Profession Remix) was produced and remixed by Pawel Kolinski of Poland.

Bylli Crayone has not only been writing for himself, but he has also written for other artists. Songs that have been recorded and released include the following: "Homework", "I Go Where I Go", "Cant Explain It" all by Sonchild. "Be Free" by Anthony B, "Aye, Aye, Aye" by Reality and "Cute Boys" by Lil' Star. He has also wrote songs for Ricky Martin, Paula Abdul and most recently Debbie Deb. Debbie Deb doing a revised version of "Girl, Hang It Up!" simply entitiled "Boy Hang It Up!".

In 2009, a "Best of" type of album called "Kalidascope" (The Crayone Collection) was released and it featured many Crayone Classics. From "Touch Me All Over" and "Drop Those Pants" to "Dizzy Boi" and "Change of Heart". It will also include 3 unreleased early 90s recordings including the award winning song "You're Still Young". The album was released on June 16th, 2009. CD & Digital.

2010 introduces the single "Boy Crush". Written by Bylli Crayone and Luis Uribe. The song has a unique style with an 80s flair and features California's pop duo Daluzion. The song is featured on the "Kalidascope" album and was released to radio in February of 2010.

Also in February - Bylli Crayone single handedly formed LawTown Voice. A group of 20 artists "Singers & Rappers" from his hometown of Lawrence, MA to record the Charity single "TRUST & BELIEVE" with all proceeds from digital sales going to Haiti. It was a month long process that featured meetings, practice and a lot of media coverage within the city. Local TV, Radio and Newspapers were all over this before the song was even recorded. The CD single features 3 tracks. Radio version, Kemper Klub Mix and an Interview with Bylli Crayone by Noah Bombard of The Eagle Tribune.

Of the 20 artists involved with the LawTown Voice project, Bylli Crayone signed 2 artists for 1 single deal. Their names are Destiny Williams and Lianson Tejeda. Together they recorded a cover of the 1984 "Footloose" love theme called "Almost Paradise". The song was released on March 16th as a CD Maxi single and Digital Download. Produced by Keith Kemper. All proceeds from this single are also going to Haiti.

On March 17th, 2010 Bylli had an Interview with On this day Bylli Crayone was declared a "Freestyle Legend". Lost in confusion, Bylli stated that he could not accept the term "Legend" as he didn't have the amount of hits or popularity as the Major Freestyle Legends did. He was reminded that his first freestyle single was 1991's "Girl Hang It Up!" (which came out 20 years ago next year). He was also reminded that he has been active in the Freestyle music community for the same amount of time. Bylli was having a very hard time accepting this new "Legend" status. But that all changed when he started recieving phone calls from other Freestyle Legends congradulating him on his new status. Everyone from LISA LISA and GEORGE LAMOND to the girls of SWEET SENSATION and GIGGLES called to congradulate him.

Spring 2010 introduces the new single "WASTE OF TIME". The single was written by Bylli Crayone back in 1993 but never recorded until recently. Produced by Keith Kemper (RuPaul, Village People, B2K). The single was sent out to radio the first week of March. A CD & DIGITAL Maxi-Single will be released on June 8th loaded with dance remixes.

The follow-up single is a clever dance track entitled "HE WINKED @ ME". The single was made available as a 1 track digital single. It was also made available as a promo CD single to loyal fans who rsponded to the fan letter in request of a free CD.

February 8th, 2011 will introduce the world to the new album "PRESTO: ELEMENT OF SURPRISE". This album features many collaborations with some of his favorite artists of the 80s from TIFFANY and BOY GEORGE to NU SHOOZ and UTFO. The first single from the album is titled "IT'S OKAY BOY" Featuring TIFFANY. The single will be released on December 7th, 2010.


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